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Here are links to the websites of some of my musical friends -

Noah Zacharin

Noah Zacharin is a fine Canadian poet, a singer and songwriter
who can also play a mean acoustic Blues guitar.
His live album "Big Daddy Z" is highly recommended, and he just put out a
lovely new studio CD, "Waiting On Your Love" (released Nov. 2006).

Johnny Mayer

Johnny Mayer is a dear friend and the creator of the Blues For Peace website and organization.
It was John's idea to put together the Touched by the Blues book,
and I probably would not have this website without Johnny's inspiration...
oh, yeah, he also plays a mean harmonica and has a great touch on the electric guitar!

Champagne Charlie

My mentor in Ragtime and Blues guitar, and a good friend who passed away recently.
Champagne Charlie a.k.a. Thom Roberts was a very colorfull character and a great Blues and Jazz musician
Please visit my memorial page to Thom

Delmark Goldfarb

Del Goldfarb is a fine acoustic performer with a long history
in the American Folk and Blues tradition.
From the Washington Square days in Greenwhich Village,
to travelling all over the south, midwest, and north western United States.
Del is an amazing person, with amazing stories, musical and otherwise.

Colin Linden

Colin Linden has come a long way from the early days when we were
buddies in the Toronto Blues scene of the 1970s, when we both had not a penny to our name.
Colin was a boy wonder of Blues guitar in those days, and has since become a respected recording artist
and an in demand record producer.

Dov Hammer

Dov Hammer has come a long way as a Bluesman. Born in Chicago, and raised in Jerusalem,
Dov is an accomplished Blues harp player and singer, with two active working bands at the same time -
the Dov Hammer Trio, and the CG and the Hammer band.

Avner Strauss

Avner Strauss is one of my closest personal friends.
A virtuoso guitarist who can play Flamenco, Classical, Blues, Jazz and Rock guitar.
Avner is one of the few people to consistently succeed in writing Blues songs in Hebrew.
Aside from the Blues, one of Avner's loves is collecting antique whistles -
please visit his Whistle Museum site.

Ruby Harris

Ruby (Reuben) Harris, King of the Blues Violin, is a party just waiting to happen on stage,
with amazing energy and style.
I first met Ruby when he was with the Diaspora Yeshiva Band back in 1979,
and following a concert a the U of Toronto,
they all slept on our floor in the Toronto Jewish Student co-op house, where I was living at the time!
Aside from being a genius at the fiddle, Ruby is also a fine guitarist and harmonica player,
with an encyclopedic repetoire and knowledge
of music styles as diverse as Jimi Hendrix, Irish traditional tunes, to Grateful Dead music,
to classic Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Klezmer and other religious and spiritual Jewish music.
Since moving to Chicago, Ruby has found himself a comfortable niche in
both the secular (Blues/Jazz) and religious worlds.

Gor Delta Jr.

Gor is a personal friend who has had many personal ups and downs in his life,
but the Blues have always been some sort of anchor for him.
Gor plays slide 7 string acoustic and electric Blues, and is a master of home recording.

Paul Moore

Paul Moore is an old friend that I met here in Israel through the Folk music circles.
Paul is a very creative and humerous performer of old Jazz, Jugband, Blues, Hokum,
Tin Pan Alley, Dixieland, and all sorts of Ukelele music.

Gypsy Carns

Gypsy Carns is an artist I discovered only recently, and he is quite a character!
A professional Blues guitarist and singer who "got religion",
and lately, he has been literally spreading the Gospel
with what he calls "Messianic Blues".

Doc Maclean

In the days when I knew him in Toronto, he was still Jim "Kid" Maclean,
and was the perfect accompaniement to guitarist and singer Mose Scarlett. He has traded licks with some of the alltime greats of Blues history,
and together with Colin Linden,
recorded an historic and classic album with the great Sam Chatmon.

Candye Kane

Candye Kane was a special breed of Blues musician, someone who you might say was saved by the Blues, someone who never gave up on life and her mission
to bring the Blues to many different people and places.
In recent years Candye gained more and more well deserved attention worldwide, winning many awards in the Blues world,
and performing in festivals around the world, including here in Israel at my own SummerBLues Festival in July 2004, and again in the summer of 2015.

Deanna Bogart

I met Deanna recently on the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise
and besides being a great Boogie Woogie piano player, singer and Sax player,
she is also a very nice human being!

Woody Mann

Woody Mann is a virtuoso "guitarist's guitarist", as well as a teacher and fine acoustic Blues performer
I had the great pleasure of seeing Woody perform here in Israel in a tour with Bob Brozman which I helped arrange.

Steve Freund

I first met Steve when he did a tour of Israel in 1993. I was his rhythm guitarist,
and I was thrilled and terrified at the same time.
Steve is a Blues "guitar slinger" who was the right hand man of the legendary
Sunnyland Slim for many years in Chicago, as well as backing up other greats
like Koko Taylor and others in the Chicago scene.

Ron Thompson

I met Ron Thompson recently on the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise
and I fell in love with his guitar playing.
He has a very unusual touch (a Magic Touch like the title of his album),
as well as a very spiritual approach to the Blues.
He can also rip out some fine Boogie Woogie or Gospel piano as well
No wonder he was one of John Lee Hooker's favorite backup guitarists
and played with him for many years.
Yet, it defies explanation why he is not more widely known today.

Ron Levy

Ron Levy is a legend in his own time, having cut his teeth on the organ
behind Blues greats like Albert King, BB King, and others in the early 70's.
He went on to become a prolific producer and session man on hundreds of Blues recordings.
Ron has recently produced some of his own very funky instrumental Blues-Jazz
recordings under the title "Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom".

Charles Sawyer and 2120 South Michigan Avenue

Charles Sawyer is a one of a kind Bluesman who also teaches at Harvard!
Charles is the first man to write a biography of BB King (1980),
and is also a fine Blues singer and accomplished harmonica player.
His band 2120 Michigan Avenue has a very authentic Chicago Blues sound.

Anthony Gomes

Canadian Blues-Rocker Anthony Gomes is a very impressive guitarist and singer.
Don't be fooled by the somewhat glamorous rocker attire or the poses on his website -
this guy can really get down and dirty with the blues, and he can also show you a good time.
Anthony was one of the most popular of the late night jammers on the 2006 Blues Cruise.

Don Ross

Don Ross is a an amazing virtuoso of the acoustic guitar.
He also sings very nicely on some of the earlier albums.
I first met Don when he was still in high school, and a bit too shy to get up on stage
at the Fingerboard Coffee House that I was managing at the time.
I gave him all the encouragement I could, and the results are pretty amazing.

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